The following are readings we have reviewed and been in dialogue about in efforts to advance our thinking and collective action as an organization.

  1. Organization Means Commitment (Grace Lee Boggs)
  2. The Ballot or the Bullet (Malcolm X)
  3. The Wretched of the Earth – Concerning Violence (Frantz Fanon)
  4. Ready for Revolution – Introduction (John Edgar Wideman)
  5. Decolonization is Not a Metaphor (Tuck & Yang)
  6. Fifth Avenue, Uptown (James Baldwin)
  7. Pedagogy of Fear: Toward a Fanonian Theory of “Safety” in Race Dialogue (Leonardo & Porter)
  8. Understanding Patriarchy (bell hooks)

We have used the frames below both in our classrooms, as well as in our General and Core meetings to facilitate discussion:

“The Four A’s of Analysis”
1. What Assumptions does the author/s hold?
2. What do you want to Agree with in the text?
3. What do you want to Argue with (and/or ask questions about)?
4. What do you want to Aspire to (and/or act upon) after reading the text?

Camangian’s “5 Levels of Analysis” 
1. Explicit (Summative; straight off the page)
2. Implicit (What is implied in the text; reading between the lines)
3. Interpretive (What are your initial reactions? How does this apply/not apply to your own experience?)
4. Theoretical (What have other scholars, artists, thinkers said about this subject?)
5. Applicable (What now? What are next steps?)