ABOUT: Our Vision & Mission

Vision: As a collective, we recognize our unique role as educators to love, serve, and join the communities that we serve. We root ourselves in the teachings of our ancestors from many lineages; honor the wisdom, legacies, and lessons that came before us; and engage in continual praxis toward a world where all people thrive.

Mission: Our collective recruits, develops, sustains, and inspires educator-teacher-organizers of color, from and for the communities that we serve. We work to transform systems of oppression and advance the struggle towards liberation.


Note: We are a PoC (People of Color) organization and our General & Core Meetings are PoC spaces.

**To those who identify as white allies:
We appreciate your support and also ask that if you strive to be in solidarity with us, that you do not attend the People’s Education Movement General meetings so that we, as Teacher-Organizers of Color, may create a space by and for our own communities. To better understand why we make this decision, the article below (Leonardo & Porter) may help to provide some clarity.  We look forward to possibly building in other capacities, or seeing you at our public events, moving forward.

Pedagogy of Fear: Toward a Fanonian Theory of ‘Safety’ in Racial Dialogue


Below is a contact form where you may submit questions, resources, comments, etc. You may also email directly (or donate to our People’s Education Movement – Bay Area via PayPal) at pem.bay.area@gmail.com.